Welcome to the First Step in Your New Life
Every year I choose a few special individuals to mentor personally. If you'd like to be considered for this program, click below to complete a short application on Facebook Messenger. If you qualify, we'll be in touch!

These Are Real People Just Like You Who
Transformed Their Lives:

Tony P. had sought freedom since childhood when family money stress left him homeless for a period. He never wanted that type of stress to dominate his life again. But his plan—getting good grades and entering a high-paying field—was missing something. Then Kim showed him how to turn his goal into a viable way to reach Financial Freedom. 

Today…Tony has many successful businesses and has been Financially Free for more than 25 years!
After being forced to declare bankruptcy, Faisal S. was at his lowest financial point. His goal was simple—Financial Freedom for himself and his family. But he didn’t know how to get there. 

That’s when he met Kim, learned how to set and achieve goals and started following his plan. 

Today… Financial Freedom is a reality in Faisal's household!
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